Rectangular waveguide slot array antenna

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DUAL POLARIZED SLOTTED WAVEGUIDE ARRAY ANTENNA Doğan, Doğanay M.Sc. Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Özlem Aydın Çivi February 2011, 88 pages An X band dual polarized slotted waveguide antenna array is designed with very high polarization purity for both horizontal and vertical polarizations.

The waveguide slot array antenna based on an actual model [15] has 112 elements and the electric fields of the slots are ob- -40 Fig. 1. Waveguide slot array antenna enclosed by a Von Karman radome. Fig. 2. Analysis procedure of the radome-enclosed waveguide slot array antenna. tained by the simulation of the ANSYS High Frequency Struc- Directivity and Bandwidth of a Dual-Sided Slotted Waveguide ... Forward (broadside) directivity for the 5-slot array of the dual-sided slotted waveguide array, and the change in the directivity in the backward direction as its array is populated with slots. “Zero” slots (left-most side) means that the array is the single-sided configuration. The reflection coefficient in dB of the antenna is shown Sidewall Waveguide Slot Antenna for High Power Sidewall Waveguide Slot Antenna for High Power Carl E. Baum University of New Mexico Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Albuquerque New Mexico 87131 Abstract This paper discusses a concept for high-power microwave antennas based on an array of slots in the sidewall where the electric fields are lower.

In a flat plate antenna, insertion loss is reduced significantly by providing an extensive waveguide structure at the back of the ground plane of the antenna. Depending on antenna size, the waveguide may feed the antenna at one or a …

Slot offset 9.2 mm Rectangular waveguide wide side 94 mm Fig. 5(c). 3D Radiation pattern for the slotted rectangular waveguide array antenna The patch-rod antenna has been simulated and analyzed using The slot array antenna is designed with 8 numbers of slots by using a substrate copper with specifications 5.8x107 S/m Ansys HFSS V14.0. Design of a new waveguide slotted antenna array -

A typical example of a uniform leaky-wave antenna is an air-filled rectangular waveguide with a longitudinal slot shown in Fig. 1. This simple structure illustrates the basic properties common to all uniform leaky-wave antennas.

Microwave Engineering Corporation | Slot Array Antennas M.E.C.'s X390-638 is an X-band, 16-element waveguide slot array antenna possessing a high power handling capability. This lightweight, low-profile antenna provides a directional beam with high efficiency and is suitable for a variety multipurpose radar applications. Waveguide Slot Array Antennas | SpringerLink

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