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Then I discovered Planning Poker, and again was amazed by how it can solve Asshole Driven Development issues (me being the asshole most of the time).

Best practices for Sprint Planning Meeting in Agile Project ... Sprint planning meeting is a core aspect in achieving successful Agile implementation in any organization. The art of implementing Agile and running sprint planning meetings successfully requires years of learning, experience and skills. We contacted some of the most experienced Agile Coach, Agile ... Quiz & Worksheet - Scrum Sprint Planning | Quiz & Worksheet - Scrum Sprint Planning Quiz; ... tools used when moving tasks from the product backlog to the sprint backlog and ... of the Scrum planning meeting What planning poker is

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What is Sprint Planning? - Learn more about the Sprint Backlog and Product Backlog. Sprint Goal. The Sprint Goal is an objective set for the Sprint that can be met through the implementation of Product Backlog. It provides guidance to the Development Team on why it is building the Increment. It is created during the Sprint Planning meeting.

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While considering the ideal sprint planning meeting agenda, the sprint planning meeting can range from two hours to eight hours depending upon the total number of stories to be taken up for development in the sprint backlog and the complexity of the project. Planning Poker ® | Atlassian Marketplace

Planning Poker® is a consensus-based estimating technique. ... To start a poker planning session, the product owner or customer reads an agile user story ... of Scrum including: the framework, values, different roles, meetings, backlogs, and ...

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