Heroes 6 dynasty trait slots

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Help for a brain dead person (me) Ok..I have started to play Heroes VI again (finding it actually fun right now), but ran into a small problem. While I can buy dynasty traits (and have quite a few dynasty points saved up), I can't seem to find how to open up extra SLOTS to put the traits in when I start a game..what am I missing?

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Heroes Of Might And Magic 6 Unlock Dynasty Trait Slots Crusher growth rate megadeth slot review decreased to heroes of might and magic 6 unlock dynasty trait slots 9 (-1). Abyss Gate Hero Ability tooltip is now : Before I start explore some new dynasty traits. Campaign – In multiplayer, the resources spawned heroes of might and magic 6 unlock dynasty trait slots outside the island on Tree of Plenty gretna poker tournament map."Vengeance Is Mine" achievement … PROBLEM WITH TRAIT SLOT :: Might & Magic: Heroes VI Aug 03, 2013 · Might & Magic: Heroes VI > General Discussions > Topic Details. melchior3 VII. Aug 3, 2013 @ 6:12am you can purchase a trait slot at various levels of your dynasty via ingame. if you already purchased all of those the last one is purchased from the Uplay launcher via their "Win" system. You redeem like 30 or 40 U points for it if my memory ...

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